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If your divorce is final, but your circumstances have changed, you may be entitled to a modification of an existing child custody or child support order. You don't want to handle a request for modification on your own. You want a knowledgeable lawyer to protect your interests, one who can anticipate and prepare for any challenges that may arise.


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Lighthouse Law, PLLC, in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, provides comprehensive counsel to men and women involved in child custody and support matters, including requests for modification or enforcement. The firm understands that every situation is different and works hard to help you identify all of your options, as well as the potential consequences of each approach, so that you can make informed decisions. The firm strives to find solutions that are in the best interest of everyone involved.

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Protecting Your Rights in Child Custody and Support Matters

Lighthouse Law handles all matters related to requests for modification of existing child custody and child support orders, including situations where:

  1. one parent seeks to relocate because of a job or to be closer to family

  1. either party has a change in employment or income

  1. one parent engages in activity that threatens the safety or well-being of the child, including drug or alcohol abuse, domestic violence or illegal activity

  1. a parent or child seeks to change the amount of visitation or the custody arrangement

In child custody matters, typically you must wait at least a year after the original decree before you can seek modification. Support modifications can be sought upon a showing of a change in circumstances.

See Resource page for additional information on child custody and support.

The firm will work with you to establish custody and visitation arrangements that are in the best interests of your minor child, while protecting your rights as a parent. Though child support orders are based on a state formula, Lighthouse Law will review all support orders for compliance with the guidelines and to ensure that all income is included in the calculation.


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